Wednesday, October 1, 2008

JSR94 - an over visioned java standard?

Recently I had to re-do some JSR94 code and I'm still interested by this work done some years ago and I'm still supportive of it. But as Roy Johnson was saying recently during one of his presentation "Where will tomorrow's enterprise innovation come from?". Does JSR94 is one of this "unhealthy Java standard" like JDO was? Done in a period where the Java community wanted to standardize everything ?
For the recall JSR-94 is an industry standard that defines how Java programs deployed in J2SE or J2EE can acquire and interact with a rule engine. Being able to change engine implementation is a nice design approach, but as of today this specification is limited by the fact that there is still no standard to exchange rule definition between engines. So rule written for one engine can not be used by another one. This dramatic limitation is undermining the use of JSR94. And i'm still surprise to see architect asking compliance to it.

Although the horizon is still blue: W3C is working on the final specification for Rule Interchange Format which should help to exchange executable rule definitions between engines supporting this specification. With RIF, JSR94 will make sense in the design of decision service.

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