Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sustainable IT architecture

In current difficult economic period where companies are merging, need to comply to new regulations, reduce cost, and be able to react more quickly to economic changes, building Agile and sustainable IT architecture is a must.
So the book "Sustainable IT architecture" examines the use of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) from the perspective of its contribution to the development of sustainable and agile IT systems that are able to adapt to new technology developments and to manage business processes.
The book is the translation and adaptation of a first french book which has a huge success in the IT community in France, and other countries using french language. I contributed for one chapter of the book around BRMS and how this component is a major piece of the Agility Chain Management System. This book also arrived on a good timing, where some architects and journalists are questioning SOA, or claiming SOA is dying. There is no doubt about SOA, its values, and approch. SMABTP, an insurance company in France, deployed SOA starting 2002 and without it they will not have their current sane business. (Jean Michel Detavernier, co-autor of the book, did an excellent presentation at DIALOG09 on how he did deploy SOA within SMABTP). You should be able to order it soon, and do not forget to comment on this blog.