Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the last few weeks, I have to work for developing more content of the process track of ISIS and ABRD. I have to study and develop artifacts for business modeling activities using IBM BlueWorks. BlueWorks is a hosted set of applications used by business analysts to discover and model business-relevant content used in a BPM deployment. A user can create elements like Strategy map, Organization Map, and BPM model in BPMN. The tools are simple to use, and give good starting point for business process implementation. Those tools are in the palette of good tools for a process analyst.

BlueWorks is more than just a group of tools. It is also a knowledge sharing platform, where users can learn about BPM products and best practices and they can get presentation of successful deployments. It is a very nice environment to learn but also to collaborate.
In term of useful tools a user can go to the Business Leaders environment to create the following artifacts:
  • Strategy Map: defining, planning, and communicating the overall strategy of an organization.
  • Capability Plan: Business capabilities define what your business does, such as the services it provides to customers, or the operational functions it performs for employees.
  • Business Process Map
Everything on the web. This kind of applications is really showing the future of business application: hosted, accessible over the web. Google Wave is another proof point to this trend where people can collaborate and learn in real time.
Register and try it. You can add comments and your findings to this blog too.

Working on ABRD-JRules book

Just to update I'm still working on the future book about Agile Business Rule Development and JRules. It takes sometime taking into account the hard work we have to do with our current integration of ILOG within IBM.
This blog is not dead. And I should be able to spend more time on it in the future weeks.