Friday, February 10, 2012

Redbook on WODM 7.5

A new redbook was just release about WebSphere Operational Decision Manager, which is JRules renamed, and integrated with the event processing of Websphere business event.
The book can be seen here
The two products are now using the same language construct delivered by JRules business rule language definition framework. Event processing rules complete the current if <> then <> rule structure and open the door to interesting applications. The next step is to make architects thinking about Event Driven Architecture by instrumenting application to generate event of interest, and adopt a publish and subscribe model. Not yet there. The good news is that from a SOA service is not that complex to generate events so an event processing engine can correlate, aggregate them.
I have the chance to review this redbook, and I love the fact that it is not just BPM. I'm tired to get 'industry expert' mixing rule engine with BPM and saying everything is a business process problem...
Also rule processing (event or inference) should be part of the service in SOA, with a different life cycle of development and maintenance. The schema presented on that subject in the book are highlighting. Great job to Pierre Berlandier and Duncan Clark for their hard work.