Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hybrid Cloud Integration Solution Implementation

Hybrid cloud integration represents interesting challenges on how to protect existing SOA services with new cloud-native web applications and microservices. Co-existence is a must on today IT landscape. I'm leading an effort at IBM to implement a complete hybrid solution where architects and developers will be able to learn best practices around:

  • how to develop a SOAP app in Java using JPA, JAXWS deployed on WebSphere Liberty
  • how to develop gateway message flow within IBM Integration Bus
  • how to define API product with API Connect, and use secure communication with TLS for backend APIs
  • how to set up secure connection from IBM Cloud public to on-premise service using IBM Secure Gateway
  • how to develop a Single Page Application with Angular 5 using a Test Drive Development approach with nodejs/expressjs back end
  • how to secure the web app with passport
  • how to access existing LDAP service for user authentication
  • how to perform CI/CD in the hybrid world
  • how to monitor all those components using Application Performance Monitoring
  • how to deploy most of the components of the solution to IBM Cloud Private
  • How to call BPM process from Watson Conversation (orchestration), and how to integrate chat user interface connected to Watson Conversation into BPM coach.

Visit the top level Github repository from which we can navigate to the different content:

We are updating these repositories on a weekly basis and we welcome contribution and comments.